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Veterinary endoscopy is a non-surgical procedure that enables a live feed video of your pet’s digestive system. We often combine x-rays, which reveal the size, dimension, and position of the organs in the digestive system, with ultrasound to create a better picture of your pet’s internal organs. However, endoscopy allows for an inside view. Endoscopy can be utilized to explore for foreign body obstructions, removal of these obstructions can be done (case dependent), examination of the lining of the digestive system and providing an opportunity to take samples of the lining of the organs.

Our patients here at FCVERH are sedated, which eliminates any pain or discomfort keeps the animal calmer and keeps them from moving during the procedure. Your pet should be fasted prior to the procedure to clean the digestive system of any remaining food. Endoscopy has many uses and is an alternative to surgical procedures depending on the diagnosis of your pet. If you have any questions concerning if your pet would benefit from endoscopy, please feel free to talk to your veterinarian and they can refer you to FCVERH or feel free to contact us at any time as well. Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital is proud to offer this service to our clients and friends through our FCVERH Endoscopy Team, which is composed of many of our highly qualified veterinarians and technicians.

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