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Laser therapy- also sometimes called cold laser, therapeutic laser or low level laser- is a technology that delivers photons of light directly to injured or painful tissue, to improve neurologic function, heal wounds, decrease swelling and reduce pain.  It does so by interacting with mitochondria, and affecting the electron transport chain.

Laser therapy works well for osteoarthritis, joint pain, spinal cord injuries, rattlesnake bites, muscle tension, wounds and more.  For this reason, laser therapy is often used for both our emergency and rehabilitation patients.

Laser should not be used if cancer is suspected to be the cause for your animal’s discomfort or injury.  Our emergency and rehabilitation doctors will discuss the pros and cons of laser therapy with you, and help decide if it is right for your pet.

Remember, you can always schedule individual laser sessions with one of our qualified technicians if you feel your pet would benefit from more frequent laser therapy.  Call our reception team to confirm an appointment for a laser treatment today!

Lasers at home

Ask us about using a laser at home - we have both rental and purchase options.  This is a great way to continue laser treatments for wound management, pain relief, and injury healing/recovery.

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