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Our on-site, digital X-ray equipment provides high quality radiographs to aid in the quick diagnosis of many disorders. We also offer radiology referrals to have your pet’s x-rays reviewed by board certified radiologists, with results in just hours. We currently offer the Cuattro symstem,  an advanced machine, and are committed to safe and effective use of it in caring and treating your pets.

 A radiograph uses X-rays to see through non-transparent tissue.  X-rays are similar to light but differ because X-rays are of shorter wavelength and this allows x rays to penetrate many substances that are opaque to light.  This method of diagnosis has been used for over 100 years safely. A radiograph can help diagnose many animal emergencies such as

  • Fractured Bones
  • Foreign Bodies
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Lung & Heart Issues
  • And More!

When your pet has radiographs (x-rays) taken at our facility, we send those radiographs to your regular or referring veterinarian for future treatments if needed.  We comfort your pet by creating a safe and warm environment while taking radiographs.  Veterinary Radiology is a safe and effective treatment for your pets while giving our veterinarians a wonderful view of any internal problems your animal companions are likely to encounter.

Come in and let us show you how we can help make your pets healthier and happier through our advanced medical equipment.

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